Traveling 600 miles north from my oceanside hometown of Wrightsville Beach, NC to New York City -- exchanging a slow, simple life for the exhilarating chaos of the city. •
New York University 2017
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New York University, Hayden Hall

NYC @maxjuncker
Shipped my life to NYC today..see you in November wilm👋
In my favorite Wrangler shorts and Topshop boots that I will never leave anywhere without. Two of my most worn items. Definitely on my packing list for NYC. 

Boots simply do not feel right on the beach, no matter how cute. 

I will miss the ability to take a walk to the ocean on a whim. I have taken it so for granted all of these years of living by the sea. Eight days from now, I will be away from the ocean for the first time in my life. I wonder if I will yearn for the salt air…somehow I do not believe the smells of the city will suffice. But in their own way they are just as fulfilling.
Where I am headed and where I have been. 

At a local thrift shop named The Bargain Box in Wilmington, NC, I came across an old, large National Geographic book of U.S. State maps. The book was from the 70s. On the outside, it was in bad shape - but somehow the pages were pristine! For $2.99 the book was mine. One man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure.
The maps were so gorgeous I wanted to showcase them in some way. I went to our craft store and bought these dark wooden matted frames, and carefully cut the maps I had a connection with from the book, deciding on North Carolina, New York, and Illinios.  I chose the state of Illinois as my third element because my father was born in Chicago, and because it is a design rule to group everything in odd numbers,. 
Repurposing old maps is a cheap way to get a vintage look that is sold at stores for tons of money. I filled the wall with beautiful authentic charm for under $40. I would recommend giving it a try!
North Carolina is where my roots are, and New York is where I will blossom.
My residence next year, Hayden Hall. Six hundred miles away from the only home I have ever known.
I was extremely lucky. After my housing assignment was delayed two entire months (I was pulling my hair out not knowing my roommate or dorm when everyone else did) I received housing in one of the best freshman halls! I will have a fourth floor view facing Washington Square Park. Cannot wait to see it.  

Sidenote… Alec Baldwin lives in the building next door. I will certainly post any sightings. 

I was born January 5, 1995 in a small hospital in Wilmington, North Carolina and taken home to a tiny oceanside condo in Wrightsville Beach.  While my brain was not developed enough to have a memory at that point, my dad reminisces about the pink balloons he tied on each of the eight floor’s balconies for my arrival. “Welcome to the world. You exist now, you’re a human. Here’s a balloon.”

I still live in that building today. There is something to be said about remaining in the same place for your entire life. You develop a relationship with the places you live. Where you live is what you see, breathe, and hear…and in turn inspires what you think, and say, and determines who you connect with, and what you think is acceptable. Where you live shapes the person you are. I, Jillian Matt, am shaped by Wrightsville Beach. 

Where you live is initially chosen for you by a parent or guardian. Where you are popped out and driven to is where you stay. You have no discretion of the influences in your life as a child. 

At 18, I have been finally given the opportunity to choose for myself where I live. It sounds so simple. I have chosen to see, breathe, hear, and be inspired by, and connect with the people and cultures of New York City. I will let it shape the person I become. 

This blog will record the progress of a person being shaped by the best city in the world.

A little sass never hurts a thing. Found this high wasted bikini at a local thrift shop named Generations Consignments for $4.00 - couldn’t believe my eyes. :) 
Most people assume NYC would be a thrifter’s heaven. However, because there is such a large population of vintage shoppers and sellers in the city the retailers are able to bump up the prices considerably - even at Goodwill. I will miss the cheap second-hand shops in NC greatly!
Waiting out today’s ferocious storm. They come almost as quickly as they pass. 
After a violent storm passed and moved offshore today, I rode my bike to the south end of the island to take a few photos. This woodpile, from a bonfire the night before, caught my eye. The contrast of the black, dead branches against the lively blue of the ocean and sky provide for an interesting visual. 
A simple surprise left on a bench by the previous sitter at the Carolina Yacht Club.
An unedited image of the sun rising on my hometown of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. In approximately ten days (240 hours, 14400 minutes, 864000 seconds) I will leave the only life I have ever known and begin a new one in the best city in the world - New York City. Follow me as I journey into the concrete jungle; it will certainly be a wild ride.